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Rules and Regulation

Library Rules and Regulations

  1. Only registered members (students and staff of UniKL) or those who had permission are allowed to enter the library and use the provided services.
  2. Silence will be strictly observed in the library. Hand phones must be switched off before entering the library. Users can bring in their hand phones but not permitted to receive and make any calls
  3. Patrons without I.D cards and not properly attire (with slippers, sleeveless shirts, round neck t-shirt, short pants/Bermudas, jeans) are not allowed into the Library. (Follow students/Staff code of conduct)
  4. Reservation of seats is not permitted. Books and other articles left on the tables or chairs will be removed by the Library staff.
  5. Patrons are not allowed to make heavy noise, sleeping and doing something that may attract attentions and affecting the learning environment of the library.
  6. Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted within library premises.
  7. Bags excluding handbag, cases, files, folders are not allowed to be taken into the Library. Those materials must be left near the entrance/exit.
  8. Bag excluding handbag; helmet and umbrella are not allowed to be brought into the library. Patrons may put those things at the baggage storage room outside the library.
  9. Anything of value should not be left unattended in the Library. The Library does not take responsibility for the loss or damaged of such items. 
  10. Patrons are not allowed to remove or to change the arrangement of chairs or tables in the Library. 
  11. Patrons caught mutilating or committing theft of library material will be sent to Disciplinary Board. 
  12. Library staffs have the right to ask anyone causing disturbances to leave the library.
  13. Patrons may be required to show all books and items they carry for inspection at the exit gate before leaving the Library. ( Especially when the alarm triggered)
  14. Patrons found breaking library rules will have their library privileges suspended.

*All patrons must follow all the rules issued for the UniKL Library.